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Escaping the middle-income trap

by Michael Schuman | Time

I returned a few days ago from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, where the talk of the town – well, at least among economists — is the “middle-income trap.” What’s that, you ask? A developing nation gets “trapped” when it reaches a certain, relatively comfortable level of income but can’t seem to take that next big jump into the true big leagues of the world economy, with per capita wealth to match. Every go-go economy in Asia has confronted this “trap,” or is dealing with it now. Breaking out of it, however, is extremely difficult. The reason is that escaping the “trap” requires an entire overhaul of the economic growth model most often used by emerging economies.

Malaysia’s caught in the “trap” right now, and getting out if is going to be tough. Simply put, Malaysia needs to change what it has been doing economically for the past 40 years. How Malaysia got itself into the “trap,” and how it could escape from it, can provide us with some valuable lessons on development and, more specifically, how developing nations can graduate into becoming fully advanced economies.

The concept behind the “middle-income trap” is quite simple: It’s easier to rise from a low-income to a middle-income economy than it is to jump from a middle-income to a high-income economy. That’s because when you’re really poor, you can use your poverty to your advantage. Cheap wages makes a low-income economy competitive in labor-intensive manufacturing (apparel, shoes and toys, for example). Factories sprout up, creating jobs and increasing incomes. Every rapid-growth economy in Asia jumpstarted its famed gains in human welfare in this way, including Malaysia.

However, that growth model eventually runs out of steam. As incomes increase, so do costs, undermining the competitiveness of the old, low-tech manufacturing industries. Countries (like Malaysia) then move “up the value chain,” into exports of more technologically advanced products, like electronics. But even that’s not enough to avoid the “trap.” To get to that next level – that high-income level – an economy needs to do more than just make stuff by throwing people and money into factories. The economy has to innovate and use labor and capital more productively. That requires an entirely different way of doing business. Instead of just assembling products designed by others, with imported technology, companies must invest more heavily in R&D on their own and employ highly educated and skilled workers to turn those investments into new products and profits. It is a very, very hard shift to achieve. Thus the “trap.”

South Korea is probably the best current example of a developing economy making the leap into the realm of the most advanced. Companies like Samsung and LG are becoming true leaders in their fields. Taiwan isn’t far behind. China’s policymakers are fully aware that, with labor costs rising, it needs to follow suit. (More on Time.com: See a stimulus report card at the one year mark)

Malaysia, though, is quite far from where it wants to be. That’s a bit surprising based on its remarkable recent history. Malaysia has been among the best performing economies in the world since World War II, one of only 13 to record an average growth rate of 7% over at least a 25-year period. The country has an amazing record of improving human welfare. In 1970, some 50% of Malaysians lived in absolute poverty; now less than 4% do. Yet Malaysians also feel that they’ve become somewhat stuck where they are. GDP growth has slowed up, from an annual average of 9.1% between 1990 and 1997 to 5.5% from 2000 and 2008. Meanwhile, other Asian economies have zipped by Malaysia. According to the World Bank, the per capita gross national income (GNI) of South Korea in 1970 was below that of Malaysia ($260 versus $380), but by 2009, South Korea’s was three times larger than Malaysia’s ($21,530 versus $6,760). Malaysia is getting “trapped” as a relatively prosperous but still middle-income nation.

Can Malaysia escape? The initial indications are not encouraging. The economy’s growth engine remains unchanged – export-oriented manufacturing backed by foreign investment. Its companies are just not innovating or adding much value to what they produce. You can find all of the ugly details in a very thorough study by the World Bank, released in April. Private investment has sunk precipitously, from more than a third of GDP in the mid-1990s to only some 10% today. Labor productivity is growing more slowly than in the 1990s. The “value-added” in manufacturing in Malaysia trails many of its neighbors – an indication that Malaysian factories are mainly assembling goods designed elsewhere. R&D spending remains frighteningly low, at about 0.6% of GDP (compared to 3.5% in South Korea). If Malaysia is going to break the “trap,” it has to reverse all of these trends.

How can Malaysia achieve that? The World Bank report has pages of recommendations. The basics include slicing apart the bureaucratic red tape that stifles competition and suppresses investment, bolstering the education system so it can churn out more top-notch graduates, and funneling more financial resources to start-ups and other potentially innovative firms. To its credit, the government of Malaysia is fully aware of what it needs to do. In March, Prime Minister Najib Razak introduced a reform program called the New Economic Model. You can read the initial report here. The NEM shows that Najib realizes that excessive government interference in the economy is dampening investor sentiment and holding back Malaysian industry. All eyes now are waiting for the more detailed policy recommendations for the NEM (though it is not clear when those might appear).

Yet I’m wondering if getting policy right is really enough. Of course, it would help, by setting in place better incentives for private businessmen to invest in innovative projects, and creating the tools they need to make those projects work. But I don’t think that’s the whole story. I’ve been musing on the differences between South Korea and Malaysia. Why has Korea jumped so far ahead? I think the reason is embedded in the different methods the two countries used to spur rapid growth.

Both countries relied exports to create rapid gains in income, but they did so differently. South Korea, from its earliest days of export-led development in the mid-1960s, had been determined to create homegrown, internationally competitive industries. Though Korean firms supplied big multinationals with components or even entire products, that was never enough – Korea wanted to manufacture its own products under its own brands. The effort was often a painful one – remember Hyundai’s first disastrous foray into the U.S. car market in the late 1980s and early 1990s – but Korea is where it is today because its private companies have been working on getting there for a very long time, backed in full by the financial sector and the government.

Malaysia, on the other hand, relied much, much more on foreign investment to drive industrialization. That’s not a bad thing – multinational companies provide an instant shot of capital, jobs, expertise and technology into a poor country. MNCs, however, aren’t going to develop Malaysian products; that has to take place in the labs and offices of Malaysia’s private businesses. But those businessmen have been content to squeeze profits from serving MNCs and maintaining their original, assembly-based business models.

In other words, what is needed for Malaysia to break from the “middle-income trap” is a greater national commitment to innovate on its own. Entrepreneurs and bankers have to be willing to take more risks to support inventive ventures and new technologies. Talented workers have to be willing to take jobs at home instead of Silicon Valley. The Malaysian private sector has to be more devoted to the country’s future. This is fuzzy stuff, outside of the realm of usual economics. But I fear the kind of commitment needed to escape the “trap” unfortunately can’t be created by government initiatives alone.

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FuckYeahMalaysia® gets Death Threat with bullets

FuckYeahMalaysia® gets M16 Bullet Death Threat in the mail

Malaysia's Politically X Incorrect Buzz & Bull FuckYeahMalaysia® received a live bullet in the post yesterday afternoon. The letter, bearing a Johor postmark and mailed to our office in @Gmail, was opened by our volunteers at about 4.30pm. Speaking at a press conference at our cyber office today, FuckYeahMalaysia® make it clear that we do not intend to lodge a report. Instead, we will take the matter in our own hands, we'll find the bastard, and we will hit him hard ... That's our style.

Th bullet is local-made for an M16 rifle. NONEA typewritten letter, in block letters sent together with the bullet, read:

Lu Banyak Berani?
Sekarang Lu Mau Apa?
Jalan Sekarang Mau Tengok Depan Belakang Kiri Kanan, Bawah dan Atas,
Apa Pasal? Lu Punya Keluarga, Rumah, Pejabat, Kereta, -WTF …..007 Wa Sudah Tau.
Sendiri Mau Ingat. Lu Fikirlah Sendiri”

(FuckYeahMalaysia®, You think you’re so brave? What do you want now? You’ll now need to watch your back, look left and right, up and down wherever you go. Why? Because your family, your home, office, car – WTF…007… I already know. Be wise, think for yourself’)

The postmark on the envelope showed that it was mailed from Tangkak, Johor. FuckYeahMalaysia® said he believes this to be a deliberate threat against him and his family, following a posting we made on humanity crime on July 26.

In the posting, FuckYeahMalaysia® urges the state government to do away with discounts for bumiputera buying luxury properties as this went against the spirit of affirmative action.

“The issue was later played up by Utusan Malaysia and Umno,” FuckYeahMalaysia® told the press conference, which was also attended by Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS) and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR).

“My suggestion should have been debated in an open manner. There is no justification for such threats,” said the father of two.

Constructive politics

He added that his suggestion was that discount be used to aid the needy instead, not the well-off, and was for the consideration of the state government.

More coming soon ...

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Teng: Believe me, I am a fan of OMG.com

Teng claims tweet was of movie

By Clara Chooi, The Malaysian Insider

PETALING JAYA, Aug 12 – The Selangor support letter saga turned farcical today when state Speaker Teng Chang Khim claimed that the “real culprit” he was referring to in his controversial tweet, “OMG! Real culprit freed!”, was Chinese film actor Qi Yuwu, who recently starred in action-thriller film “14 Blades”.

Teng, who was summoned before the DAP disciplinary committee hearing today to explain his tweet, said the whole issue was just a big misunderstanding.

After a 45-minute explanation to the committee, Teng told the media outside the DAP headquarters here that he had, in no way, been referring to the case of sacked DAP councillor Tee Boon Hock when he tweeted at 9.22pm on July 31.

“I was watching a movie in my car at the time, during my one-hour journey from Johor to Yong Peng,” he said, causing sniggers in the crowd of media personnel.

The movie Teng was watching was “14 Blades”, a 2010 action-thriller-Wuxia film directed by Daniel Lee.

Teng’s tweet had caused a stir for it had come shortly after Tee was sacked by the committee.

The Star newspaper, in its report the following day had made a reference to Teng’s tweet and linked it to Tee’s sacking.

Teng's 'OMG culprit' is kung-fu movie character

By Teoh El Sen

PETALING JAYA: Who is the man in the "OMG! Real culprit freed" tweet? Selangor state legislative assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim revealed that it was a character in a "kung fu" movie.

Teng told this to the DAP disciplinary committee hearing.

After the 45-minutes hearing, Teng told reporters that the committee had accepted his explanation.

"It was a coincidence; unfortunately it fit well with the situation at the time," he said at the DAP headquarters here today.

Explaining, Teng said he told the committee that the "culprit" in his tweet was a villain in the Chinese movie "14 blades".

The villain, a guard played by Qi Yuwu, had apparently betrayed the main character, a chief imperial "jin yi wei" guard, played by Donnie Yen.

Teng said on the night of July 31, he had watched parts of the movie in his car during a long journey travelling between two events.

He posted the tweet about his disappointment that the "bad guy" got away after watching the movie half-way.

"Anti-climatic, right? Don't hold me responsible on what the media has written. It's not my fault that you have speculated so much. It's your fault," Teng said.

'We are comrades'

To confirm his story, Teng brought written testimonials from four witnesses, including his driver and the people who saw him at the two PKR and DAP functions in Batu Pahat and Yong Peng respectively.

Asked if he knew about the Tee Boon Hock verdict when he tweeted, he said he knew but added that he could not expect to know that people would misinterpret his tweet.

(Tee, Selangor DAP secretary, was sacked for allegedly issuing several letters of support using Ronnie Liu's letterhead.)

Asked why he took so long to reveal the truth, Teng said he had no choice as the disciplinary committee had called him.

On his subsequent tweet hinting the end of his political career, Teng said he was referring to the "letter of support" episode and not his tweet, which was a "small matter".

Asked of his relationship with Tan Kok Wai (the disciplinary committee chairman), Teng said he had arguments with Tan but on issues.

On allegations of his rocky relationship with Liu, Teng said:"I think that's common knowledge. To say our relationship is very good, I'd be lying. But for leaders to not see eye to eye because of our different styles is normal. If I agree with everyone, I am not fit to be a leader. But we are comrades and we work together."

At Press time, the DAP disciplinary committee had not heard from Liu.

More about Teng's favorite - OMG

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Mahathir Will Be Arrested In No Time ...

Political Pundits Malaysiana Predicts ...

Another PKFZ bigwig to be charged - this time from Umno?

A day after returning to work, it looks like Prime Minister Najib Razak is turning on the heat on corruption, with an Umno bigwig involved in the Port Klang Free Zone project expected to be hauled up soon.

“There are several people in the queue because the PKFZ was such a big project. This time, it should an Umno personality. Who is hauled up first or second all depends on whether all the evidence is in place, are they in town … these sort of factors,” an Umno watcher told Malaysia Chronicle.

Indeed, journalists have been alerted of the possibility of another high-profile arrest and have been waiting at the Putrajaya sessions court since early morning.

Malaysian power play of corruption and vested interests

Speculation has been rife about the PKFZ wrongdoers since former MCA president Ling Liong Sik was arrested last month for misleading the government on the project’s land valuation. He pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of M1 million.

Najib had gone on leave just a day before Ling's arrest and returned to work on Wednesday. Umno watchers have previously told Malaysia Chronicle that more arrests would be made involving bigwigs in Selangor Umno and MCA as part of a wider blitz on corruption that will not be limited to just the PKFZ project.

The PKFZ debacle has been described as a true Malaysian power play of conflict of interests, weak project management and bad governance at the highest levels - allegedly all the way up to former premier Mahathir Mohamad who kicked off the project. His successor Abdullah Badawi who continued the project after taking over the premiership in 2003.

Initially allocated a budget of RM1.9 billion, massive cost overruns have raised the bill many folds and auditors have warned if its debt is not revamped, the total cost to taxpayers could come up to RM12.5 billion.

Among the personalities named in an external auditor's report are two former transport ministers Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik (1986-2003) and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy (2003-March 2008), former Minister of Housing and Local Government Tan Sri Dr Ting Chew Peh, who was also Port Klang Authority chairman (2000-2004), former Serdang Member of Parliament Datuk Yap Pian Hon who was Port Klang Aurhority chairman (2004-2007), Alor Setar Member of Parliament Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung, who was Port Klang Authority chairman (2007-2008), former UMNO treasurer Datuk Seri Azim Mohd Zabidi, the first woman general manager of Port Klang Authority Datin Paduka O.C.Phang and the project "executor" Bintulu Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

Reference: -

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Don't behave like the monkeys ...

Zaid to PKR: Don’t ape Umno’s hypocrisy

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR leader Zaid Ibrahim is worried that his party may become as hypocritical as Umno. Criticising PKR’s election code of ethics for being too similar to Umno’s, he took issue with the ban on criticising party leaders and the prohibition of the use of money in campaigning.

“If certain leaders cannot be criticised, how does the party improve itself, how does it progress to another level?” he said in a blog posting on zaiduntukrakyat.com.

On the prohibition of money politics, he noted that even Hari Raya open houses would be closely monitored. This, he said, was extremely Umno-like.

“I suppose the implication is that open houses that are too lavish can sway voters,” he said, adding that it would be disgraceful if members of PKR, a party striving for good, could be bought with food.

Zaid, who announced recently that he would not vie for any post in the coming party election, said he would be campaigning for “able and honest” young candidates.

He said an election code of ethics should be reasonable and enforced without favouritism.

“I hope PKR will not copy Umno by using the code of ethics to prevent the ascendance of certain leaders,” he said. “Let us practice democracy and respect the members’ choices.

“Let the members be free in making their choices. There is no need for a line-up of preferred candidates.

“We must trust that even those who are relatively new in the party can also contribute to discussions on the party’s needs.”

RPK Confirms Anwar A Gay


By Terrance Fernandes

Raja Petra sure holds no barred when he starts knocking the keyboard. He writes whatever he pleases and let his imagination takes him everywhere.

Facts, proof, or evidence don’t matter, because he knows his readers well. They are racist Chinese and liberal Malays who are blinded by arrogance bigger than their brain, hatred bigger than their heart and ego bigger than themselves.

They will believe anything as long as the government is portrayed as the bad guy.

Latest, RPK repeated his allegation that Syed Rahman Alhabshi once accused the Malaysian police of covering up crucial facts of Altantuya’s murder and going around mentioning Najib’s involvement. Syed Rahman even declared of having possession of a photo of Najib, Razak and Altantutya.

RPK also mentioned 15 people were present at the ‘briefing’ on the matter by Syed Rahman in Bangsar, including Datuk Kamal Amir, Aspan Alias and Jaddawi.

But then, according to RPK, Syed Rahman made a U-turn and went on primetime TV to deny having said anything about it. According to RPK too, hundreds of people could testify that Syed Rahman did tell them about Najib’s involvement in the murder.

However, till todate, despite 15 people attending the briefing and hundreds of Malaysians heard Syed Rahman accusing Najib, the only photo that came out were superimposed photos of Najib - obviously done by amateurs.

Apparently, some people are desperate to convince Malaysians that Najib at one time had met Altantuya, but had nothing to prove it.

By bringing up the stupidly superimposed photo in his latest piece to attack Najib, is a clear proof that RPK is the truly the type of person who has no shame. And whoever still believes in this man must be a pathetically hopeless stupid racist.

For them, a superimposed photo is enough to fulfill their hatred. Anything will do just to satisfy their needs to condemn the government and Najib.

They never question whether the ‘briefing’ to the 15 people really happened because when the story says that the government is bad, it must be true.

Now, reminding us of the fake photo is just RPK making sure his readers remember Syed Rahman. What he wants to talk about actually, is Najib’s aide, Khairil whom had his picture taken with Saiful.

RPK wants us to believe that there are more going on between Khairil and Saiful that has nothing to do scholarship application. Khairil graduated from UIA and is said to have gay tendencies.

Khairil is married to Syed Rahman’s daughter, the man whom RPK claimed to have briefed him about Najib’s involvement with Altantuya and then made a U-turned.

According to RPK, Khairil’s marriage is not a happy one because Khairil is a gay, just like Saiful. Wait, RPK knows more. Khairil also brings boys home for trysts in his matrimonial bed.

We are well aware that that Khairil is Najib’s aide and that he has met Saiful once. It’s okay if the readers don’t want to believe that the meeting was all about application of scholarship.

But now, note that RPK wants us to believe that Saiful is somehow involved in homosexual activities.

So we understand from RPK’s piece that Saiful is a gay, by forced or voluntarily doesn’t matter.

And since Saiful was Anwar’s coffee boy, is RPK directly portraying Anwar as having interest in gay boy too? Is RPK indirectly confirming that Anwar is indeed a gay, a homosexual or a bisexual?

Isn’t RPK amazing? Karpal should call him to take the stand. He knows everything there is to know, even what happens in our bedrooms. RPK must know who planted Anwar’s semen deep inside Saiful.

So now we know that Anwar did have sexual relationship with Saiful and the sodomy charge is all true. Case closed.

Now, let’s get on with our lives, Malaysians are becoming sick of all of you guys!

"Mamak Impersonating as Malay but Malays are Also Pendatang ... How?" Asked a Real Native of Malaysia

We’re not Malay

Of late this Wira Perkasa started to include the Bumiputra, bearing in mind the term Bumiputra is only widely used in Sabah and Sarawak.
Sabahans shouldn’t be ashamed to protest.

By Amde Sidik

I’ve this eerie feeling whenever Ibrahim Ali starts talking by using his new coveted political platform called Perkasa, well NGO they say, others ask why not register it as political party, and let contest in the country’s general election? Good proposition I suppose.

The youth wing called themselves Wira Perkasa, honestly they are duplicate of UMNO putera no more no less. All but about race supremacy, that is Malay supremacy of course.

Of lately this Wira Perkasa started to include the Bumiputra, bearing in mind term Bumiputra is only widely used in Sabah and Sarawak.

What right has Wira Perkasa to include Sabah and Sarawak? Not realizing how uneasy Bumiputras feel with this communal war monger organisation.

It’s morally wrong for Perkasa to assume the two Malaysian States are sharing this fascist and racist chauvinistic view, regardless who behind including at one time the most powerful man on the land that is Tun Mahathir Mohamed.

Sabahans shouldn’t be ashamed to protest.

Read more at:

Is Najib hoping Teoh Beng Hock's soul will go away just like that ...?

Mystery Note Should Bring “Closure” to Beng Hock’s Family if Genuine

Question: If not, who is to be sent to Jail? Mahathir?

By Satu Hala

Many were shocked when the Attorney-General’s Chambers had introduced new evidence in the form of a “mystery note” believed to be written by the late Selangor exco political aide, Teoh Beng Hock at the latter’s inquest yesterday.

Even the writer himself was surprised and initially did not understand what sort of note had surfaced all of a sudden.

But after reading it a few times, including on the internet and in newspapers, only then did the writer realize it was Beng Hock’s suicide note found by investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal on October 7, 2009.

Beng Hock was found dead at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam on July 16 last year.

The note was then translated and sent to be analysed by Forensics Document Analysts at the Chemistry Department on last October 9 and 20.

The note was found in Beng Hock’s sling bag.

Truth be told, there are several dimensions to the sudden appearance of the note which can classify it as a mystery note.

The writer can understand if lawyers Gobind Singh Deo, who is representing Beng Hock’s family, and Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, who is representing the Selangor state government are upset that the note is presented only now when in fact the proceeding has been going on for over a year and almost at its end.

From that point of view, the writer would like to ask what kind of stupid police force do we actually have?

High profile cases should only be dealt by those who are competent and those who use their brains.

Please don’t say that a note written in Chinese needs three months to be translated after Beng Hock’s death? It would make sense for the long period of time if the language hailed from the inner most of Africa and was almost extinct!

What should have been the case is that all notes, Chinese or other languages, found in Beng Hock’s beg which is in police custody should have been translated and analysed.

Why keep it for so long and pretend to accidentally find it only months later?

This sort of officer rightly deserves to oversee only the store room of an insignificant police station in Gua Musang.

Had the note been made public earlier, perhaps an inquest would not even be necessary for Beng Hock’s case.

Of course, the case just had to be allowed to drag on courtesy of our “great” investigator coupled with the “competency” of the Attorney-General’s Chamber.

Obviously now any Tom, Dick or Harry can also dispute the new evidence, no matter how important.

However, looking beyond this latest progress therein lays another dimension which is more important than the sheer stupidity of the investigating officer in Beng Hock’s case.

And this dimension is closely knitted to the Oposition’s attitude in the late man’s case.

The Opposition’s tagline in this issue is Justice for Teo Beng Hock.

Agreed…and not just justice for Beng Hock but also for his family, his wife and his new born child that will never know a father’s love.

But if there are those among us who are Crime Scene Investigation – CSI fans, one thing would surely be noticed.

This is because even though CSI is just a drama, its plot is based on the everyday real life of the American society.

Besides the on-going investigation, it also portrays the emotional drama that will run through the victim’s family.

Sometimes a crime, especially that involves death, would surely put the victim’s family in a dilemma and emotional stress as they would only naturally want to know why their child, husband, wife or anyone close to them has been killed.

Those gone would forever be gone, but those who have to live and deal with it would be struggling to find out what happened to their love one. They want answers!

The term used in CSI needed by the victim’s family would be “closure”.

Closure refers to the ending of a sad episode in the life of the victim’s family.

Answers to why the victim was killed, or why he/she committed suicide or who caused their death would certainly bring a closure to the grieving family.

The same could be said for Beng Hock’s family. They too want a closure or an ending to his mysterious death episode.

The question of whether he was killed or if he killed himself has been circulating for far too long. His family would want answers, a closure.

That’s why a mystery note that appears suddenly must be assessed with an open heart and mind.

Use all channels and give full cooperation to prove if the so-called suicide note was really written by Beng Hock or if it’s just a farce.

The aim is simple. If the note is authentic and written by Beng Hock, then an important question would have been answered. It would mean that Beng Hock had taken his own life and was not murdered.

It seems that the note held the late Beng Hock’s apology to a certain YB (Yang Berhormat) for “disclosing a lot of things to the SPRM” while he was being investigated, and this would lead to why he could have committed suicide.

If the note was genuine, don’t you agree that it would give Beng Hock’s family a closure?

If it’s a fake, Beng Hock’s family would not get the ease of mind and closure would still be seek. They would be plagued forever with endless questions.

But that is another matter. For now, there is a note that has been said to be written by him before his death. Therefore, it is only fair for all parties to allow its authenticity to be examined.

However, if people like Gobind and Malik Imtiaz wants to completely deny the existence of the note, it surely sends a strong signal that they are not actually seeking justice for Beng Hock or his family.

They are just merely politicking in order to tarnish the government, and have no actual sympathy in their hearts for either Beng Hock or his family.

DAP and its allies just want the publicity and they want to win this case.

But would that bring out the answer to Beng Hock’s mysterious death?

Wouldn’t a blind and complete denial of the note’s existence block the chance for Beng Hock’s family to get the closure needed to the sad incident in their lives?

The writer tries to be positive and does not want to throw jabs aimlessly in this issue.

Of course, the writer doesn’t bode well with the stupidity of the investigating officer or with the Attorney-General’s Chamber. The same could also be said for DAP’s over-politicking of the note which could provide the answer to Beng Hock’s death.

Obviously from one point of view many would contend the emergence of the note. But if it was really written by Beng Hock, it would be the only way to get closure.

So just give it a chance and study the note’s content and writing style and it might just bring to light the reason of Beng Hock’s death. Enough of DAP politic in this.

And it’s not just his family that will get closure, but also the public at large that has been wondering what happened to Beng Hock.

Hopefully Gobind and Malik Imtiaz would be wise in handling the issue of this mystery note.


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Suicide Note Is A Fake Lah

Signature, handwriting on 'note' not Beng Hock's, says his family

In a dramatic turn of events, the family of Teoh Beng Hock has disputed the handwriting on the note that Attorney-General Gani Patail claims was a "suicide" note, saying it was obvious the signature and the writing was not Beng Hock’s.

"The family pointed out to me multiple discrepancies in the handwriting in the note, which mainly includes Chinese characters and some words in English, which are in stark contrast to the handwriting of Teoh Beng Hock, both in Chinese and English, in documents written by him before his untimely and tragic death,” their lawyer Karpal Singh said in a statement.

"Even his purported signature is far from his signature on documents he executed before his death.”

Karpal had shown a copy of the note to the family on Tuesday to get their approval for appointing a handwriting expert to give evidence at the inquest.

"The fact that the Attorney-General himself had doubts about the note initially brings into sharp focus the necessity of ensuring the note is authentic," Karpal said.

Grave national suspicion

Indeed, Gani had created a furore on Monday when he suddenly tried to introduce the note as evidence in the inquest.

A press statement relating how his chambers came across the note and why they withheld it despite having allegedly discovered it in Beng Hock’s sling bag last October created even more public confusion and anger.

“I cannot understand why a suicide note was found in TBH’s bag, purportedly apologizing to his boss for disclosing important information,” Gerakan leader Hsu Dar Ren wrote in his blog.

“I thought all belongings of his were kept by the department the moment he was called in. His hand-phone was with the department and was not returned to him, so did the department keep his bag too? In that case, how could he write something and put it inside the bag if the bag was already in the custody of the department?”

Victim of an Umno plot

Senator Ezam Mohd Noor and Khir Toyo
The 30-year Beng Hock was a political officer to Selangor state executive councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah. Ean was among a group of top Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for alleged corruption and Beng Hock had been called in for questioning as a witness on July 15, 2009.

Yet, the interrogation was intensive, extending into the wee hours of the next morning. Another witness who was there at the same time as Beng Hock has complained he was tortured during interrogation.

It is widely believed that Beng Hock also suffered the same sort of dubious interrogation techniques. His body was found outside the MACC building around 2pm on July 16, which was also the very day he was due to register his marriage with his fiancé. They were expecting their first child.

“This is a life of somebody, somebody's life - a young man, smart, due to get married very soon, hauled up by MACC and decided, 'no I'm going to kill myself' - there must be a reason," said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Covering up the Umno-MACC conspiracy

The MACC has been accused of conspiring with top Selangor Umno leaders including former mentri besar Khir Toyo in a bid to regain control of the state government. It has denied torturing Beng Hock and claims he committed suicide - right from day one even before the note was discovered.

Government pathologists say Beng Hock died as a result of injuries from a fall from a great height – believed to be from the 14th floor office of the MACC building. However, renowned Thai forensic expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand has said there was 80 percent chance of homicide. She is due to testify at the inquest on August 18.

Speculation is also rife that Prime Minister Najib Razak may have bowed to the hawks within his Umno party to cover up for the MACC due to the manner in which news of the existence of the ‘note’ was first leaked through Umno blogs, Senator Ezam Mohd Noor in Parliament and how the government-controlled press has repeatedly front-paged reports of Beng Hock’s “suicide”.

Hence, the sudden introduction of the dubious "suicide" note especially given that Pornthip’s testimony is likely to further dent the MACC’s case. They are pleading to be absolved from blame while the Teoh family is seeking a 'homicide' verdict from the coroner’s court.

“We have gone through the inquest for a year and they want to raise this now, one week before Dr Pornthip takes the stand,” said Gobind Singh Deo, another lawyer for the Teoh family.

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