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Racism in disbursement of gov't scholarships charge

The Human Rights Party has filed a police report in Penang against the government over what it described as "race based" disbursement of Public Services Department (JPA) scholarships, study loans and seat allocation for students of higher learning.

Ganesan Penang Human Rights Party HRPIn his police report, HRP advisor N Ganesan (far left) urged the police to investigate Prime Minister Najib Razak, his deputy and Education Minister Muyhiddin Yassin, Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khalid Nordin, and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz over the issue.

He also urged the police to probe the Umno-led government, especially the violations of Article 8 and Article 12 of the Federal Constitution for denying the Malaysian Indian students of their basic right to education.

"This level of racism, religious extremism and supremacy do not exist in any other part of the world except in Najib Razak's One Malaysia," he told reporters after filing his report at the Jalan Patani police station last night.

Much hand wringing over issue

"Today Malaysia is the most racist and supremacist country in the world," he charged, asking the force to reply to him in writing within two weeks, failing which he would assume the contents of his police report to be true.

Ganesan said the government has committed a "gross abuse of executive power" by not revealing the details of the scholarship recipients', terming it a flawed process of "implementing transparently".

Later, Nazri had reportedly said that there was "no concrete evidence" when the proof itself was a state secret, he added.

He was referring to Nazri's June 14 statement, where he had said "It is the government's policy not to reveal the marks of the recipients to the public to protect their individual rights and privacy."
N azri added that " there is no further concrete proof of abuse of power in awarding scholarships, looking at the fact that the implementation was done transparently and in order as dictated by the cabinet decision of 14th Jan 2009."

The Malaysian Indian-rights party views the issue of scholarship disbursement and seats allocations in institutions of higher learning for students from the community as contradicting the Federal Constitution. - Malaysiakini

Concluding what "the untold MAS story" did not tell

Since Wednesday, this blogger was out of town to give an unscheduled talk. Thus we couldn't post the final two part of the series. Apologise for the delay.

Malaysia Airlines Berhad reported a loss of RM267 million for the first quarter of 2011. There was an operating loss of RM242 as compared to RM310 million profit for 1st quarter 2010. The reason cited was the high oil prices and higher ringgit. Read The Malaysian Insiders here.

It is funny that the reason for the losses were reported in such manner. Back in 1998-2001, a sharp decline in ringgit had resulted in massive operating losses for MAS. Chairman Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli The higher oil should have been profitable for the arbitrage placed by Idris Jala.

When MAS suffered the massive losses towards the end of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli's tenure as Chairman, MAS undertook a massive financial restructuring exercise to do a massive sell and leaseback exercise. MAS did not have to be burden with acquiring asset and leverage.

Domestic operations which were a burden to MAS were taken out and given to Air Asia and other outfits including MAS own dedicated domestic subsidiaries.

There was no major financial crisis like what happened in 1997/98. During those tumultous time, ringgit weakened from the high of 2.47 in the first quarter of 1997 to just short of "see you at 5" at low of RM4.88 on January 7th 1998.

Why is MAS still making occasional quarter losses?

After Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli left, everyone wanted to blame him for the problems in MAS. The opposition backed attempt with some member of MAS management attempted to blame him for an RM8 billion loss! but sti ll no proof is coming.

They attempted to pin him for the Hahn Airport loss but it did not hold up at the International Court of Arbitration (ICC). Should Rosli Dahlan and Dr Wafi decided to not wait for MACC and Police and go for civil court, it will not likely hold up.

MAS is not going to be stupid enough to pick on petty contracts to Edaran Digital

There was talk that Tajuddin had "sebat" money through an insurance broker, Cendanasari Insurance Broker Sdn Bhd and MAS could save millions by going direct to Lloyd's.

Since when do Lloyd deals direct with end customers? They do not even deal with Insurance Companies.

Check the rates given by Cendanasari. Why didn't anyone mention that it is lower than market? Otherwise, Puan Marni would have alerted Puan Nik Nadeemah and asked Rosli Dahalan to make a case out of it.

With competitive rates and no margin, how is Tajuddin to take make a cut out Cendanasari?

In our first posting on December 16th, 2010 here, MAS losses total PBT of RM750 million and total PAT losses of RM908 million. That is far from the allged RM8 billion.

When sales of aircraft and spares, sales of foreign quoted shares for RM100.4 million for March 2000 and sales of properties for RM83.4 million and RM104.9 million for 2006 and 2007, respectively, the following was MAS historical profit and loss:

Notice Tajuddin's total PBT losses was RM365 million and PAT losses was less than RM500 million. And notive also that post-Tajuddin MAS was still making losses and still erratic despte being relieved of several burdens.

Johari Yusof, an MBA student at the Islamic International Uni! versity made a turnaround thesis of MAS. It is available here.

He made a good background study of Tajuddin's turnaround plan. That way no one should be taken in by oversimplified comments that Tajuddin's outsourcing plans resulted in higher cost.

Johari did commented that Tajuddin was expanding too fast.

Everyone is an expert on the hindsight. The truth to the matter was no one could survive a drop in currency like what happened. See another chart below to understand how it affected MAS instantaneously:

Tajuddin was picking up in profitability if not for the unexpected currency attack by Anwar Ibrahim's financier George Soros. No one could have survived in such a market.

But why did post-Tajuddin profitability was still erratic despite stable ringgit, no asset to deal and no domestic route to bring down profitability? Why is MAS with subsidise fuel is still making losses as compared to other Airlines?

Puzzling isn't it.

Those are questions to ponder within themselves and everyone in MAS need to be honest and truthful. Instead of that, MAS was only blaming others like Tajuddin.

MAS had identified Tengku Dato Seri Azmil Zaharuddin from Price Waterhouse London to lead. He was groomed at Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad, then understudy Dato Idris Jala, and finally took the mantle of MAS.

He still had not met expectations. Unfortunately, he is only known for bringing in royals from Terengganu to fill in high positions. He had not made any stamp in the airlines industry. Talk is he is about to leave soon.

Before that MAS staff got what they had always wanted i.e.someone from within! to helm teh airlines, Dato Fuaad Dahalan. Read here. He was solely responsible for the 2005 massive failure.

It is also time to review what the CEO that this blog called Butcher from Shell did including making 141 MAS staff into instant half-a-millionaire.

Read his textbook turnaround plan again here and asked: Did he think properly and listen to those who understand airline? He was using novices and newbies to the industry as advisers. There were amaterish mistakes made.

MAS share price vis-a-vis Airasia is low. Could Airasia be a possible predator? Frankly, no. The reason in another posting.

Before we give our view in the next and final posting, read The Star's coverage of MAS last Saturday below:

Tough times for MAS
MAS: On a wing and prayer
Making the necessary changes to ensure sustainable profit
MAS needs the wow factor again
Grappling with fuel costs

- Another brick in the wall

Vote PAS to remain 'dominant', Malays told

In view of the prevailing strong anti-establishment sentiment among Chinese voters, PAS is now appealing to the Malay electorate for support to ensure the community's continued dominance of the nation's politics.

This would help Pakatan Rakyat form a stable and balanced administration with Malay representatives being in the majority should the coalition come into power.

Newly elected PAS vice-president Husam Musa said this at a political forum in Kuala Lumpur last night after presenting his analysis of the result of the recent Sarawak state election.

According to him, Sarawak Chinese voter support for the opposition had risen by 15.8 percent to 75.4, while the indigenous support went up by 6.3 percent, but that of the Malays dipped by 4.6 percent.

Husam musa at forum political party transformation Cabaran Transformasi Parti PolitikExtrapolating this to Sabah, Johor, Negri Sembilan, Perak, Selangor and the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, Husam estimated that Pakatan could bag another 27 parliamentary seats.

"This will increase our seats in Parliament to 109, just five seats short of forming a new federal government," said the Kelantan state exco member.

He explained that the Malay voters, after years of indoctrination by the mainstream media, are worried that they would lose political dominance should there be a change of power.

If the current trend continues in the next general election, Pakatan would be trapped in an imbalanced parliamentary line-up with more Chinese representatives while most the community's parliamentarians under Umno's control.

Tapping into tides of change

"Therefore PAS' mission is very important, t! hat is t o deliver Malay seats so that our politics will be more stable and balanced, and also to ensure that the new government will be a balanced government.

"My advice to the Malays is that Malaysian politics will change even though they don't change. BN will not be able to form a strong government in view of the current trend.

Naib Presiden PAS Datuk Husam Musa on Cabaran Transformasi Parti Politik"Therefore, the Malays should support PAS. If PAS manages to capture 60 seats to replace Umno, then we would have a stable government," he said.

However, Husam conceded there is a lack of a platform and media access for the Islamic party to push this notion to the Malay electorate.

Husam had been invited by the Civil Rights Committee of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to share his views with some 70 members of public on the topic "challenges to transformation of political parties".

Other speakers were bilingual columnist Lee Ban Chen and executive director of PKR-linked think-tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) Ong Ooi Heng.

Asked by a member of the audience whether PAS could reclaim Terengganu in the coming polls, Husam projected confidence.

"The Pakatan ceramah recently held in Terengganu had received extraordinary response.

Aware of non-Malay apprehensions

"When we changed the state commissioner with someone who had no political burden with involvement in the previous (PAS state) government, we saw political change," he said.

His assessment is that the issue of price hikes has intensified the anti-government sentiment of Malays nationwide which could be translated into votes for the opposition.

However, Husam conceded that non-Malays still have reservations about PAS although many had favoured the party in the last election.

One of the reasons, he ! noted, i s the lack of a platform for PAS to prove its ability to govern a multi-racial society.

"This is why Umno wanted to topple the Pakatan Perak state government because they were afraid of (former Pakatan mentri besar) Nizar Jamaluddin's administration.

"Perak reflects the demography of Malaysia. So Umno had to cut this opportunity for PAS (to showcase its governance in a multi-racial state).

"Now you see Nizar has no platform to perform in Parliament. He is just an ordinary MP. In fact, we still have 1,000 Nizars, so give us a chance," he appealed.

- Malaysiakini

An essay on Malaysia's BERSIH Rally

The yellow wave and its durian effect
(written circa the first BERSIH rally)
Azly Rahman
Nov 12, 07 11:25am

"Bersih, Cekap, Amanah" - old political slogan

"Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang" - new political slogan

"B.e.r.s.i.h" - slogan to get from the new slogan to the old.

I quote the first few paragraphs of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence:

"... When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. ...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Those are the words penned primarily by Thomas Jefferson, philosopher and statesman; words that became the document of American democracy that is still evolving.

Evolve we must

Evolve we must as a nation of multicultural poor yearning to break free from the shackles of poverty, alienation, massive corruption, and the tiredness of seeing power being abused and absolute power being abused absolutely! .

Evolve we must by way of the slogans that have been fed to us religiously. By "we" we mean both the ruler and the ruled, the governor and the governed, the rakyat and the kerajaan (government). Essentially the process of "cleaning up" our act is both the desire of the ruling party and those who are protesting against it. We are a nation in need of therapy. We are one, essentially - our subjectivity and objectivity is being deconstructed and destroyed.

If we are to live with the truth and the power of the slogans we create, we must surrender to the will of the people who put us into power and wishes to see justice being served and a clean, transparent, and trustworthy government being put in place.

We have arrived at a juncture in our own brand of Civil Rights movement. We now need our own Magna Carta to teach our citizens the inalienable rights we have vis-a-vis the aristocrats; those that transformed themselves from the commoners to power-elites through the huge machinery of money, media, and mental maneuverings and meanderings of the messages we created as the medium. We are made to live in a world of "managed perception".

Don't Pakistanize ourselves

Let us pray that we shall not have to Pakistanize ourselves in our struggle to exercise free speech and freedom of assembly. Unless we are like a nation at war with itself with us plunged as characters in the epic movie Lord of The Rings in which Humanity battles Humanoids in the war for natural justice set in antiquity.

The events that led to the declaration of emergency in Islamabad may as well foreshadow the nature and shape of things to come by the time campaigning and Election Day arrives.

Will the yellow fever, like the River HuangHe does, bring sorrow to the current regime? Is the nation seeing the seeds of destruction germinating? Will the Krakatau of the Malaysian rumbling and grumbling finally erupt?

I don't know.! You and I can only make informed guesses. Man proposes, God disposes.

We can only predict and plan for the translation of theory into practice. That's what praxis is - the marriage of idealism and action to produce "cultural action for freedom", as Latin liberation theologians such as Gustavo Gutierrez, Denis Goulet, and Paulo Freire would say. Or like what the brave heart Che Guevara would embody.

Being a student of social revolutions in which I have closely looked at the anatomy of peaceful and violent revolutions such as those of The American, The French, Cuban, Iranian, Nicaraguan, Indonesian and also the Computer and the Internet, I believe there are interesting elements one can extract from the Nov 10 march.

Unlike the French Revolution, the march did not begin in a tennis court but from many angles but denied the final congregation in front of Freedom/Independence/Merdeka Square. Nor it deposed a grandson of the Sun King, but rather seeks refuge in the Malay Supreme Ruler. Unlike the Cuban Revolution in which a law doctoral graduate Fidel Castro had to use extra-legal means to gain power and return it to the people, the November march began with a legal application that was denied and was preceded by the Lawyer's Walk that sent memorandum to stop a judiciary rot. Unlike the Iranian Revolution in which a million people waited for Imam Khomeini, the Nov 10 march was a freedom march whose leadership is collaborative in nature. Unlike the Nicaraguan Revolution in which Daniel Ortega had to go underground to fight a guerilla war, Nov 10 saw not a single shot being fired nor Mat Rempits being hired. Unlike the American Revolution in which the French was General Washington's ally, Nov 10 was purely a people's protest devoid of outside influence. Unlike the most Indonesian Revolution in which Jakarta was burning, Nov 10 saw instead alleged chemical laced- water being sprayed on a rainy day.

Parallels and non-parallels there are! .

But like the Computer Revolution that spread like wildfire and transformed millions into informed citizens Nov 10 was preceded by a good sense of informational war, with Malaysia-Today and a few other blogs hacked - the power of the Internet reigns supreme in spreading the yellow fever.

There is a durian dimension to the Nov 10 march of grievance.

The durian effect

The durian is a yellow fruit - an exquisite and truly "world-class" Malaysian fruit. It has a Marxist contradiction built in. It is pungent, banned in hotels and airplanes, tastes like vomit to some, feels like eating ice-cream in a Malaysian toilet to many, yet is has one of the most heavenly taste that even the most glorious of Malaysian statesmen and Supreme Rulers would not resist it over a pot of thick Malaccan coffee. In the yellowness of it lies heaven and hell. In it lies the joys and sorrow of tasting. It is a bitter fruit of freedom. Like the fruit in the song "Strange Fruit" rendered beautifully by the grand diva of jazz, Nina Simone; a fruit that tells America the story of lynching down South.

The yellowness of the durian is a metaphor of the yellow wave of change.

It's only the beginning of a peaceful revolt against the might of the machine. Indeed the next wave will be met with even more machines from the regime. Like in the movie Lord of the Rings. Like in the movie the Matrix in which things will multiply as Humanity battles with Humanoids conditioned by totalitarianism.

The photos of the rally tell us a lot about the nature of our peaceful marches - thanks to the leaders and the marshals. Thanks to the wisdom of the leaders who are in tune and in syn with the gentleness of the people. But the faces of the protesters read like Chairil Anwar's poems and WS Rendra's plays.

We have evolved into brave souls with brave hearts. But with finesse and patience must we revolt. If we can have the masses to continue to ! wear y ellow (like the Irish with their St. Patrick greens) as a memory of Nov 10, we will continue with the message right till Election Day. Revolutions need martyrs, reformations need signs and symbols and significations - etched in the memory of even the little child near Pasar Seni pepper-sprayed by the Mighty Machine trying with paranoia to crush those voices no longer in the wilderness.

This is why we have the yellow fever. Clean, Efficient, Trustworthy - a good old slogan to arrive at. But clean up we must. With lots of shower. Not with ones with chemically-laced water though.

We must evolve - collectively.

Isnt a one-race civil service a form of apartheid?

Written by Dr Boo Cheng Hau


civil-serviceI remember once as a young medical officer, I was boycotted by operating theatre staff when I wanted stern action taken against a staff nurse who went for a kenduri when she was supposed to scrub for a surgery.

An assistant nurse had to cover up for her delinquent senior. Both the nurses the one who had absented herself and the one suddenly forced to relieve her duty were Malay. The young patient lying on my operating table waiting to deliver her baby was Malay too. And also Malay, the anaesthesist and other operating theatre staff who gave me the cold shoulder after I remonstrated with the matron.

I had informed Matron right away after I found the young nurse shivering in fear because she was thrown into the deep end and unprepared to assist in a surgery. If I had expected disciplinary action to be taken, I was disappointed. My colleagues who rallied around the race banner sadly failed to see that the patient (someone belonging to their own ethnic community) about to give birth deserved the best medical care.

What if it had been an emergency case where a life was at stake? Malays have to be made aware that an incompetent and one-race dominated civil service may not be beneficial to them and as the majority, they would be the ones ultimately most affected. With such experiences, you can understand why I resigned from the public health sector.

One of my Malay superiors urged me to think about the service but then again, if only the Malays themselves could think about how racism among civil servants has hindered their own progress.

1Malay first and foremost

Malaysia has a huge and largely ethnic Malay civil service, completely loyal to Umno, but increasingly incompetent that is the biggest obstacle to Prime Minister N! ajib Raz aks 1Malaysia. This was the view of former Economic Planning Unit deputy director-general K. Govindan, according to a leaked United States diplomatic cable.

The WikiLeaks that appeared in Malaysia Today on June 6 had the cable further quoting Govindans opinion that our civil service adopts a very narrow worldview and will oppose, even refuse to implement, reforms perceived as damaging ethnic Malay interests, even if convinced of the long-run gains for Malaysia.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has referred to the service as a Malay administration. He did not even bother to pass it off as a bumiputera administration in which case it can be claimed by the non-Muslim natives of East Malaysia. Alas, the Orang Asli indigenous to the peninsula do not even figure in the equation.

Non Malays have been gradually cleansed from the public sector with only a few remaining now in crucial and inevitable sectors such as teaching in vernacular schools. The Orang Asli have been totally excluded.

Umno ultra nationalists defend majority-race dominance as justifiable opposed to the minority-race dominance previously in South Africa under apartheid. Theyre pretending their systemic racism is not discernible to the rest of the world even if the minorities in Malaysia are resigned to this supremacist order of public affairs.

The public sector should reflect the countrys plural society or in other words, set the example and no longer display the same ethnic imbalances blamed on the divide-and-rule policy under British colonial rule.

Not a reasonable apportioning

Mahathir and his ultras claim their affirmative action differs from apartheid. Yet the end result of the affirmative or rather discriminative action is the monopoly of all aspects of socio-economic life by a single politically dominant ethnic majority. One exampl! e of the 1Malay administration at work is the annual Public Service Department (JPA) scholarship disbursement where top non-Malay students appear to have been systematically sidelined.

Even though Article 8 (2) of the Federal Constitution states that all citizens are eligible if suitably qualified by educational standards to enter any branch of the public service, and there can be no discrimination on grounds of race, religion and the like, in reality, the Malay ultras have ignored this constitutional provision.

The public sector can declare that it is devoid of racial discrimination only if its staff composition reasonably reflects the ethnic composition of the country and its intake based primarily on merit. The competence, integrity and efficiency of personnel must take precedence over ones skin colour and ancestral status.

In 1967, the Malays accounted for 68 percent of all civil servants (Supian Ali and Mohd Zainuddin: p.162). Chinese accounted for 16 percent and Indians 15 percent. In 1968, Malays outnumbered non-Malays only in two (administrative services and legal services) out of nine public service areas, and accounted about half of the uniformed services manpower (Mohamed Suffian: p.297). Nonetheless, many top administrative jobs, legal officer and technical posts were held by the Chinese and Indians.

Under clause (2) of article 153 in the constitution, it is the responsibility of the Yang Dipertuan Agong acting on Cabinet advice to ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of Borneo a reasonable proportion of positions in the federal public service. The constitution also prohibits any deprivation of a person of any public office held by him; and public servants all races of all levels must be treated impartially (Mohamed Suffian: p.294).

The constitution compels that any preferential treatment must still be reasonable to all ethnic groups and merit take precedence. The implementation of preferential policies has to be transparent.

In 1978, the American c! ourt rul ed in Regents of University of California v. Bakke that merit must take precedence over ethnicity in the implementation of affirmative action, and reverse racism as well as racial quotas are strictly forbidden.

Strictly speaking, racial quotas have been found by the courts to be unconstitutional and not regarded as affirmative action in the United States. Instead racial quotas were the main feature of apartheid in South Africa

Consequences of racial quotas

The New Economic Policy imposed a quota in respect of Division I officers in the following services. The figures are shown in ratio:

Areas of Public Service


Non Malays

Home & Foreign services



Judicial and legal service



Customs service



Police force



Source: Mohamed Suffian, 1976, p.29

As of Dec 31, 2009, the Malaysian civil service comprised 1,247,894 employees. Their racial breakdown can be seen below as well as in comparison with past years.





Before NEP 1971





June 2005





December 2009





Source: http://blog.limkitsiang.com, April 7, 2010

Shortly after Independence, there were about 40 percent Indians in the Johor civil service. Today the 8,372-strong Johor civil service has witnessed the dwindling of Indians to a mere 1.39 percent and Chinese to an even more miniscule 0.12 percent (The Star, April 8, 2010).


All o f the Johor leading administrative officers, including state secretaries, secretaries, directors of various state agencies, district officers and land officers and special administrators are Malays in a state where non-Malays account for almost half of the population. 1Malay domination of the public service is prominent not only at the top administrative levels but also down to the general workers.

Is the absolute domination of the public service by the Malays to be deemed reasonable and constitutional?

XXL size govt and payroll

As we all know, the Malaysian public sector is bloated and we have the highest proportion of civil servants to population compared with our neighbours. In fact, were likely the world record holder!

Yet the civil service still keeps expanding. It keeps absorbing Malay graduates who would otherwise be. This will cause the Malay young generation to cling to the theory of Malay supremacy until the bubble bursts.

The public sector comprised 11.9 percent of our total workforce in 1970, peaking at 15 percent in 1981 but dropping to 12 percent in 1991 after an aggressive privatization programme launched in the mid-1980s (K.S. Jomo et al: p.65).


Civil Servants



% of total pop.









The Philippines












* Population as at 2003, UN estimates

Source: UN online Network in Public Administration and Finance, 2004

Like other totalitarian states in history such as the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, Umno needs a large number of Malay civil servants to control the populace through racism. Its state-sponsored Biro Tata Negara ! propagat es Malay supremacy from top civil servants down to the grassroots.

BTN has successfully infused not only Malay supremacy but also Sinophobia and xenophobia among Malay civil servants. The British were perceived as the colonizers and Chinese subsequently became the new bogeymen after Independence as the counterfoil for instilling Malay unity.

Nonetheless, there are unintended consequences from the bloated number of Malay civil servants. Some of them living in urban areas take on second jobs teachers give private tuition and sell insurance; nurses engage in direct sales; government office general workers work at petrol kiosks at night. But at least they are trying to augment their income through honest means.

Corruption among civil servants has even been justified as an acceptable way to balance the income disparity between the Chinese-dominated private sector and Malay-dominated public sector. The tragic thing about the whole issue is that corruption has not only victimized the non-Malay poor but has also denied the underprivileged Malays access to state resources.

The lack of promotion prospects has contributed to the phenomenon of many non Malays resigning from the public service besides deterring new prospective entrants from applying. The kulitfication (skin colour) ceiling and other preferences along racial lines comes at the expense of public administration efficiency. Inefficiency in the public sector has in turn adversely affected our national economic growth and the incomes of those who dominate the public sector.

There were preferential policies during the apartheid era to upgrade the living standards of politically dominant white Afrikaner minority among other better-off whites. But apartheid is an immoral regime because it degrades fellow countrymen and refuses to allow that all human beings are equals. Such discriminative preferential policies are not affirmative action; they are immoral.


Jomo K.S., et al, Privatizing Malaysia-Rents, Rhet! oric, Re alities, Boulder, Colorado/Oxford, Westview Press Inc., 1995.
Mohamed Suffian bin Hashim, Tun, An Introduction to the Constitution of Malaysia, second edition Kuala Lumpur, Government Printers, 1976.
Supian Ali, Mohd. Zainuddin Saleh et al, Rancangan Malaysia Keenam Prioriti Pengukuhan Negara, Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, 1994

Agong orders MAIPP to find new procedures to appoint mosque committee members

(Bernama) - Yang Dipertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin has ordered Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP) set up an independent committee to find new procedures in appointing mosque committee members.

MAIPP president Ellias Zakaria said the message was conveyed when he had an audience with Tuanku Mizan accompanied by Penang Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas at Istana Negara this morning.

He said that committee members to be appointed and new procedures proposed will have to get consent from Tuanku Mizan as the head of Islam for Penang.

"Tuanku Mizan wants everybody to protect and respect the dignity and sanctity of mosque as a house of God and a religious institution for the community," he told reporters here today.

Ellias said Tuanku Mizan also ordered that the proposed mosque committee elections for 2012-2013 tomorrow be called off.

Tuanku Mizan had also consented to extend the appointment of existing mosque committee members until Dec 31, 2012.

He reminded that selection of mosque committee members should be made in the spirit of voluntarism, harmony and love for each other.

"All parties must abide and view the Agong's decision positively and in terms of wisdom. Please don't speculate."

On Monday, the DAP-led Penang government decided to conduct mosque committee elections in 200 mosques.

Meanwhile, Penang Umno liaison chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman said Tuanku Mizan's decision to call off mosque committee elections shows that he is concerned with unity, cooperation and peace in the state.

"The decision by the head of Islam is appropriate and welcomed by the people who don't want Muslims to split due to mosque elections."

Zainal said this shows that the Penang government and MAIPP could not take things for granted as they need to get consent from the Agong before conducting elections.

Misplaced confidence?

Those who managed websites will know the inconvenience and impact of their website being compromised, whether internal or external. Website integrity and safety are two concerns for both business and consumer.

The recent Operation Malaysia by hackers Anonymous is not something new. And BolehLand is not the only countries that hackers have sought to create havoc, chaos and mischieve.

Though the netizens remain divided on those who are against and those who support, the reason the threat was made good is related to the government's latest move to censor the internet. Specifically shut down file sharing sites, the reason against piracy and safeguard intellectual property and what not.

The odd thing is why is the government taking on the role of defending the copyright of those works being supposedly being shared in the sites they are downloading? Are those works being produced in BolehLand or widely circulated here?

Is there a big brother and big business cartel out there who are all acting out a global concert to combat piracy by shutting filesharing websites?

One way of combating piracy is to have affordable pricing particularly for movies and music. And that affordable price can range from RM1 ringgit to whatever the consumer is willing to pay to own it. Honestly, If an original music is priced at RM10 or RM15 there will be higer sales than now the ridiculous price!

Perhaps as some claim the hacker attack is to defend freedom of the net is one reason they support the DOS or hack into websites. Given the political situation these days in BolehLand, there are those who would not hesitate to put a simely icon if asked for their views in social media websites or click more on 'Likes' than 'Unlikes' on comments that cheer on such attacks specifically at government website. Simply because of the government's decision to block selected filesharing sites.

The government seems to be telling the public that the so called dare by the hackers was just a minor blip or ! hiccup a nd was a 'kacang' issue and easily repulsed.

Those in the know of such issue will tell you that if you shut down your servers or bring it down during the 'threat' hours', of course, you can proudly claim 100% success at repealing attempts to sabotage. The real test is to see how your website stand during such times, no?

But then, it's plain man's common sense to safeguard yourself at the impending hour, the best is just shut down your site or the servers. That will kill any hack attempt! And we hope such advice didn't cost the government more than RM1.8 million by their so called expert IT or social media or website vendors, huh?

It may be a double edge sword for the government to announce its success versus keeping quiet about the extent of successful hacking. If they keep quiet, it doesn't help to allay fears and suspicion plus the usual does of BolehLand's habit of rumourmongering that the government website has kena 'belasah kau-kau' by the hackers!

On the other hand, if they announce their success, they are inviting more hackers to prove the government misplaced confidence. One thing about IT geeks and hackers is, if you challenge them or you behave in an arrogant manner to stifle their creativity or internet freedomm they go viral, get viral support and then attack your website to prove their point,

Anonymous have proven their point and each site is claiming success, The government is right to take proper precaution including voluntarily denying their users from access to their webpage or service, simply by so to speak 'pulling the plug!' Low tech act and we hope doesn't cause tax payers another millions of ringgit to vendors for advice, or to standby ahd counter the 'attack!'.

And our Communications Minister have linked it to the forthcoming Bersih 2 campaign!!! Well another low tech cheap potshot at something probably totally unconnected just to add the criminality of the Bersih 2 campaign a few RAMs higher eh, Minister Rais?

If the government can ! think up of such links and make it seem connected and believable, we shouldn't be surprised that other pro UMNO, pro BN and of course Peraksa will climb on board this link bandwagon and to come up with their own truths. Expect them to claim that the attack has some connectivity, link or hyperlink with all those who somehow has a 'P' which stands for 'Penghianat' in the likes of PKR, RPK, DAP, Pakatan, PAS and all those they wish to pin a reason for MCMC or MACC or the Police to investigate and nail those Bs right?

Hey they may even brand all those who are not FB fans of 1Malaysia, FLOM, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia and even the Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia 'Likes' fans as in cohoot with the hackers for offering their pc as stating points to launch attacks on BolehLand!

Hackers have managed to steal millions from supposedly safe international financial institutions website, even played havoc on Sony, penetrated impregnable security network or peeked into the world's most powerful president or corporations and what not! And this have made those internet security providers humbled that there isn't any foolproof defence against geeks. The only one we know that BolehLand government is feeling proud to have wade off the attack is 'pulling off the plug' or shutting down the website!

Vigilant we must against those who wish to hack into websites for reasons best known to them. But for website owners like Bolehland's government and MCMC to proudly proclaim they have ward off the attack and won the battle and worst to belittle the hackers is wage a war with the hackers and a battle that will only serve to waste a huge amount of resources by the government especially to stop such attacks. That may justify the government to spend many more unnecessary millions on the pretext of keeping its cyberspace safe!!!

Even if the government spend millions to safeguard their firewalls in Bolehland, there is a large number of people who due to their carelessness, stupidity than gullible many a times but most times plain gre! ed will compromise the security of websites they use as well as their own including loss of money, data theft and what not. The stories we read of money being siphoned off is often the case of phishing and email scams. But each day there are many being dubbed with promises of richness, love, sex and sad stories!!!

But are our hackers not doing BolehLand a favour by creating this scare and diverting attention to more serious issues that affect the people? Banning websites does not cause economic loss to the government as they do not have any monetary interest in them. The worry is more the power of knowledge and information that is more threatening than monetary loss. It is sharing of information that threatens the government. Whether they be truth or lies depending on whose side is churning out such information in cyberspace, the reason to shut and censor is more than just protecting powerful music or movie moguls or hide embarrassing official correspondence. It is to stop the flow of information, lies or no lies!

So while the government declare that all is clear and business as usual are we really comforted by their boast or confidence? Knowing how government works and the civil servant mentality, these fellos can't wait to go for their tea breaks and teh-tariks to 'relaks brader semua ok!', huh?

That is the moment when the hackers will do their havoc, no?

The present issues that seem to catch everyone's attention are the hackers' threats, Bersih 2 or Madam's Tourism's supposedly expensive facejob on her FB's application. These are but some of the numerous ills that BolehLand faces and each day is not without new ones cropping one while old ones remain unresolved.

And on the Cuti-Cuti or Tipu-Tipu or Curi-Curi issue, why is everyone including the Cabinet so suddenly interested in accountability on a supposedly zero cost or free website applications over RM1.8 million when they are so quiet or wish to come out clean on how much was spent on a FLOM including RM13 billion more mo! ney need ed?

What the heck are we all being drawn into including this hackers' threat, huh?

Pas spooks Umno on Islamic state

The long overdue PAS decisions on Islam meant that Umno, principally, and MCA in tow, would no longer be able to use PAS as the bogeyman to intimidate non-Muslims


There has been some good news from PAS in the last few days for diehard opposition alliance, Pakatan Rakyat, supporters. The party finally dropped its quest for an Islamic state in Malaysia.

Its also even considering dropping the term Islam altogether from its name.

Its ironic considering the fact that Umno had at one time proposed that no party in Malaysia should be allowed to use the term Islam in its name.

That was enough to raise the heckles at the PAS headquarters while the party faithful vowed a Holy War (Jihad) in retaliation. Umno put its tail between its legs and backed down in a humiliating defeat.

The latest developments at PAS no longer make de facto PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim and his party the glue that brings together the Islamists and DAP in an unholy union of sinners and saints. It was like forcing oil and water to mix and provoking claims from Umno that this (PAS-DAP) is a marriage of convenience that would not last.

It was DAP stalwart Karpal Singh who once thundered that Malaysia will only be an Islamic state over my dead body. Karpal need not have been that melodramatic. The Federal Constitution is a secular one despite Article 3 reading that Islam is the religion of the Federation. Theres separation of church and state in Malaysia and other religions can be practiced in peace and harmony.

The long overdue PAS decisions on Islam meant that Umno, principally, and MCA in tow, would no longer be able to use PAS as the bogeyman to intimidate non-Muslims into submission and to vote en bloc for the ruling Barisan Nasional.

PAS had always been about Is! lam the faith unlike Umno which, like most political parties in the Muslim world, continues to flog Islam the Politics.

Umno had perennially painted visions of hand-chopping and stoning to death, among others, in a PAS-run Islamic state in Malaysia. In an Islamic state, non-Muslims would lose most of their rights including the equality that they now enjoy and would in fact be inferior in status in every aspect to Muslims, Umno further keeps warning the infidels or non-believers (kafir).

Women, in an Islamic state, would be reduced to virtual sex slaves as evident in the tenets of the recently-inaugurated Obedient Wives Club (OWC) where the motto is to be prepared for sex and nothing else at any time of the day and night.

The better alternative

The latest take on Islam from PAS comes in the wake of political developments in the Middle East. These democratic developments have relegated the militants, Al Qaeda in particular, to the backwaters as their dreams of bringing back the caliphate spanning an Islamic Empire remains a non-starter.

That doesnt mean that PAS recognises that there are no longer any issues in the Muslim world over Islam.

The back to the Quran movement continues, albeit living on hope and wishful thinking, in order to re-interpret the Holy Book of the Muslims to make it contemporary and, thereby, relevant. This involves however ditching the four Hadiths, Traditions of the Prophet, in order to allow the Quran to be re-interpreted or, alternatively, risk irrelevance like Confucianism.

The Chinese philosophy, introduced by Confucius after dredging deep into the countrys past, enslaved China for generations and centuries in rigidity unparalleled in world history and paved the way for domination by western colonialist and imperial powers. The Muslim World is still suffering the same fate since the Europeans discovered a sea route to the east to circumvent the formers control of the land routes.

The return to the Quran will ! allow th e emergence of an Islamic state in every sense of the world. An Islamic state is one where God is the Head of State, the Quran is the Constitution, and the Syariah Path of God forms the basis of the legal system. By this reckoning, no Muslim-majority country in the world qualifies as an Islamic state. But the question remains: Who will bell the cat?

Parties like PAS, meanwhile, have to carry on even as they reckon with a world where Islam the Politics has eclipsed Islam the Faith. An additional worry in Malaysia is that almost half the population is non-Muslim and in Sabah and Sarawak, overwhelmingly non-Muslim with the Christians predominating.

By the Peter Principle, everyone sooner or later reaches his or her level of incompetence. PAS reached its at the watershed 2008 general election. The party has wisely decided now that it is high time to hone its political skills further by raising the bar for a new and higher status under the Peter Principle.

How Umno deals with these new developments among the Islamists remain to be seen. For sure, it cant accuse PAS of betraying Islam in order to please the infidels. The ruling party stays in a glass house and shouldnt be throwing stones.

Umno has long vied with PAS to prove that it was even more Islamic than PAS and introduced policies that continue to trouble non-Muslims no end.

Umnos excuse, in soothing ruffled non-Muslim feathers, has always been to point at PAS as the culprit that will take over the country if it doesnt do something to appease the Islamic votebank.

The recent row between Christians and Muslims over the use of the term Allah in Malay print and the Bible being in Malay print are but two of the many examples bedeviling Muslim-non-Muslim relations in Malaysia under the Umno government. The litany of non-Muslim woes, under Umno rule, is long and growing.

Now, PAS has emerged as a better alternative than Umno for the non-Muslims to deal with after more than half a century of their living on the edge w! ith raci sm, racial polarisation, religious extremism and discrimination.

PAS has finally spooked Umno on Islamic state

Sex alone will not keep a man happy, or will it?

Sex alone will not keep a man happy, or will it?

It is exasperating that women always take the blame for a lot of ills in society rape, molest, abandoned babies and more.

Once again, according to Obedient Wives Club, women are to be blamed when their husbands stray. So wives need to learn to serve their husbands better than a first class prostitute. It is outrageous and appalling that wives are compared to prostitutes.

A man gets served by a sexual worker merely to satisfy his lust without any emotional involvement, and thus he has to pay a price.

In marriage, sex is sacred, an expression of love, of total surrender to the other, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If a relationship gets sour, for whatever reasons, the intimacy is lost, and sex, if there is any, is not wholesome or satisfying.

If one partner is too engrossed in his/her hobbies, work, social obligations and hardly has time to communicate with the spouse, who will soon become a stranger, how can the relationship thrive, let alone be intimate?

A woman can have all the sexual prowess but if the husband wants to stray, there is no stopping him. Without any sense of commitment and responsibility towards his wife and family, he may be attracted to and get involved with some other females, not necessary because of or for sex.

Ultimately, a happy family depends on many factors: Communication skills, love, understanding, care, kindness, loyalty, unity and a sense of fun and joy.

- Star

The magical stylings of #YoRais

Walski dares say that even Harry Potter couldn't have conjured up a more magical linkage. And how are the cyber-attacks by Anonymous and the Bersih 2.0 rally linked?We're not told, of course.The nice thing about being a minister in Malaysia is that you can get away with saying the most ludicrously magical of things, without being required to produce evidence to back their claims.Walski calls this "pulling facts out of thin air". In this case, performed by our most favorite of political dinosaurs.Magical, simply magical...

Website attacks part of Bersih rally, says Rais

Information, Communications, and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim today expressed belief that yesterdays mass attacks on local websites may be connected to the upcoming Bersih rally.

Today, Rais described the cyber attacks as politically-motivated and intended to disrupt the workings of the government, but did not provide details as to how the denial of service attacks were related to the July 9 rally pushing for electoral reforms.

Rais also said the cyber attackers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and urged those involved to not damage the country out of anger towards the government.

Operation Malaysi! a, launc hed by the international hacker group known as Anonymous, had succeeded in bringing down its main target, malaysia.gov.my, at about 4am yesterday.

But it also spawned attacks on other sites, with the government stating that 60 per cent of the estimated 200 sites belonged to the federal administration.

Prior to conducting Operation Malaysia, Anonymous named the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commissions recent move to block file sharing sites like Pirate Bay and whistleblowers WikiLeaks as inexcusable acts of censorship that took away basic human rights.

Read more at www.themalaysianinsider.com

Decision on newborn's racial identity slammed in Malaysia

Petaling Jaya, Jun 17 : Selangor MCA has expressed its sympathy to the Indian community who are unhappy with Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh over the racial identity of her newborn baby girl.

The Public Complaints Bureau said it regretted Yeoh’s action in not putting the ethnicity of Shay Adora Ram as that of her Indian husband.

Bureau adviser C.K. Lim told a press conference that based on convention, the child’s ethnicity should follow that of the father, The Star reports.

“Her husband is an Indian and it is customary to name the child''s ethnicity as Indian,” he said, adding the assemblyman''s initial stance to define her baby as anak Malaysia (child of Malaysia) was politically motivated.

The issue began when the baby was defined as Chinese after the NRD in Putrajaya declined the couple''s initial proposal to use anak Malaysia as an ethnicity or race of their child, The Star reports.

Yeoh had claimed she and her husband opted to leave the column for “race” blank but was rejected by the NRD official who attended to them.

To safeguard their daughter''s interest, the couple then registered Shay as Chinese, for the time being.

Najib targets Chinese with radio show

Najib targets Chinese with radio show

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is scheduled to appear on Chinese One FM radio station's Morning Kaki programme on June 23.

This was confirmed in a post on the programme's Facebook page by deejays Jack and Jane.

Najib's appearance on One FM follows a similar appearance on Malay radio station Hot FM on May 6.

Industry sources have said before that Najib would be carrying out an airwave blitz over Malay, English and Chinese radio stations between May and July.

He is the first prime minister to embark on such a strategy, appearing on a time slot that attracts urban audiences commuting to work.

During his Hot FM appearance, Najib promoted his administration's plans for the youth, but kept it light, touching on many apolitical topics such as the English Premier League, which has a strong local following.

Industry sources have said that Najib's scheduled appearances on all three radio stations are part of a elaborate arrangement by its, owner Media Prima Bhd.

It is understood that Media Prima's television division chief, Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, who was seconded to the Prime Minister's Department earlier this year, is instrumental in helping the premier's publicity efforts.

Meanwhile, the two Morning Kaki deejays wrote on their Facebook page that they were very excited with the prospect of interviewing the premier.

"Make no mistake. It is the prime minister. Jack and Jane will interview the premier... What should we do? We are very excited," the duo wrote.

The posting has been met with enthusiasm from fans, who urged them to maintain their composure.

- Malaysia Chronicle


STRANGER. Alex talking to the people waiting to be registered.


SABAH DAP Kudat Chief, Alex Wong today went pass the Sikuati town near Kudat saw a registration boot where many people were queuing up for an registration exercise.

Out of curiosity, he approached the people who gathered at the community hall in Sikuati to find what is happening. He was told by the people in the market that there is a registration for the MyCard application.

He saw quite a number of people waiting and these people seem to be not our local folks and some are elderly. He then spoke to some of them and confirmed through the conversation that they are not even the locals from Kudat district.

The Native Chief present there refused to comment when asked how can these people suspected to be foreigners can registered to apply for our MyCard, and he declined to comment and just sat down with these groups of alleged foreigners.

The registration exercise was started on the 13th to the 17th of June. There had been many such people who had come for the registration.

According to the people interviewed by Alex Wong, the registration was supposed to be meant for the late registration for the local new born, but how come these older people were queuing up to register. Many of them had the letter of consent from the DO, Ketua Kampong ! and Nati ve Chief, before they can register.

Alex said this is extraordinary to see that the registration exercise is done in such a manner, and it is improper. He wants the JPN and JKM to explain why this is happening.

Alex said he was told that this type of registration is not only happening in Sikuati, but this had been carried out in many other places in Sabah eg. In Petagas, Telipok, Pulau Banggi and even in Penampang.

If we are registering the foreigners to give them MyCard, this is dead wrong and this is an act of treason. We cannot allow this to happen under our nose, and that is why our population had jumped 390% during the past.

Who is behind all these, and who should be held responsible? Are we the local Sabah Bumiputra going to be the minority when compared with the new Bumiputra?

Something has to be done to stop this, otherwise our children and grand children will definitely suffer. I see no use to ask the BN government to investigate into this matter, and the only way to stop this is to change the government and let Pakatan Rakyat to replace them.

- Sabahkini

Rais: 198 Government Websites Hacked

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 JUNE, 2011: A total of 198 official government websites have been hacked and 90 percent of hackers come from within the country.

Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the attacks are politically motivated and intended to sabotage the government.

He said attacks on government websites only slowdown people's dealings with the government.

"For example, if the website of a government agency that manages land is hacked, then land matters will be disrupted and the same goes for banking and others. The attacks are strange, pathetic and politically motivated," he told a press conference here today.

Rais said the government will take legal action against the hackers responsible and urged then to be patriotic.

He believe the attacks were linked to the planned illegal rallies by Bersih in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak on July 9.

The cyber attacks were temporary in nature and will not paralyse the websites hacked.

Asked whether the attacks will affect national security, Rais said it could happen if left unchecked.

The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit(Mampu), Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and security agencies are solving the problem as it is serious problem.

- Bernama

Umno's Bersih phobia: Are M'sians a herd of wild cattle and raging bulls

Umno's Bersih phobia: Are M'sians a herd of wild cattle and raging bulls

The planned Bersih 2.0 rally is indeed becoming a historical sensation with each passing day.

A citizens peaceful assembly and march for clean and fair elections as guaranteed by the nation's Constitution and an act sanctioned globally as a tenet of true democracy and civil liberties, is suddenly becoming a phenomenal issue involving various quarters. In fact it is being made out to appear even nightmarish.

The repeated warnings site threat to national security with reference to the announced rally . The Home Minister is convinced that it is too dangerous to have a mammoth rally of citizens parading peacefully to present their Memorandum to the nation's Ruler conveying their concerns, fears, hopes and aspirations for free and fair election that will only serve in the nation and Ruler's best interest.

The long arm of the law is being courted to admonish that since no permits have been issued, any such assembly will be deemed illegal. And that the draconic laws of the nation will take effect. If scores of thousands have to be detained under the ISA, so be it. And this has to be done in the best interest of national security.

Others including a 'jihad' try to muscle in

To confuse the announced Bersih 2.0 rally further, other quarters too now want to march the streets to express their own collective version of democracy and party politico-rights.

And to add to the tempo of rising fears, UMNO Youth too wants to throw in their fair share for a fight for democracy and as correctly enshrined in the Constitution with regards to the right to assembly, they will march do or die. On! ly twist is they will not agree nor relate with Bersih 2.0.

And then you also have someone willing to do a jihad on the same day because what Bersih 2.0 stands for is against or undermines the very teachings of his faith.

So what do we all make out of all these?

One thing for sure, Malaysians must be a herd of wild cattle and raging bulls when they get to the streets in large numbers. It seems from all the fears, concerns and arguments put forward by those opposed to the Bersih 2.0 rally, the citizens are riot prone and cannot be allowed to come together in large numbers.

And if they do, the police will not be capable of controlling these wild cattle and raging bulls.

Wow! What a strange set of species we Malaysians must be. Perhaps that is why we are also often labelled to the world as a 'truly unique' nation by our promotional manager leaders.

May 13

Seriously, the question is when was the last time that such a gathering of the masses did run amok and wild posing a threat to national security? When?

May 13, 1969? That was not a citizens march for clean and fair elections. It was a political party coup that set up race against race, was it not? Or have we decided to again re-write history?

During the Merdeka declaration and celebration in 1957, tens of thousands convened in Kuala Lumpur. The humble policeman then in his khaki uniform and simple baton and with little schooling, was able to ensure there was order and security maintained.

Today, some quarters seem to suggest that the sophisticated PDRM in their battle trained, fighting fit disposition may not be able to ensure that safety and security for the citizens, can be provided. And as such, to avert anything going wrong the march must not be allowed.

Now that is a shame. How can we belittle our men in blue? Have they not far surpassed their antiquated counterparts of the khaki-brown outfits? If they cannot even ensure a safe environment for their own c! itizens who want to march peacefully, can you imagine what a mayhem it would be if the millions of illegal immigrants assembled at KLCC?

The government must not fear its own shadow. Least, it must trust its own citizens. After all Bersih 2.0 is not about waging war against the BN government. It is about the very nations interest which the BN government has claimed to be caring for these past five over decades.

It is all about hope.

And hope is that thing inside us that insiststhat something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it. (Barrack Obama, 2008).

Unless of course, if the government believes that Malaysians are all like wild cattle and raging bulls. Period.

- J. D. Lovrenciear is a reader and contribtour to Malaysia Chronicle

FACEBOOK Debacle: Cabinet Colleagues dissatisfied with explanation by Malaysian Tourism Minister

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

June 18, 2011

Cabinet Colleagues dissatisfied by Ng Yen Yens scant explanation of the FACEBOOK Debacle

by Clara Chooi@www.themalaysianinsider.com

Already facing growing public discontent, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen was confronted with a hostile Cabinet today when she tried to explain her ministrys controversial RM1.8 million outlay on six Facebook pages and was even told by some colleagues not to waste their time.

The Malaysian Insider understands several ministers also insisted against announcing that Cabinet had officially accepted Ngs explanation, preferring instead to say they had taken note of it.

A source who was familiar with what transpired said this was because the ministers did not want Ng to publicly declare that she had been cleared of guilt by the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The source told The Malaysian Insider that rather than addressing the root cause of the allegations against her, the Tourism Minister had chosen to beat around the bush in defending herself.

Ng, who is also MCA vice-president, was scheduled to explain to the Cabinet today her ministrys RM1.8 million expense bill for developing six Facebook pages to promote tourism in Malaysia.

She did not explain [the] cost, not the cost or bill. Only the importance of cyber advertising and other [nonsense], said the source.The source said when it grew clear that Ng had no plans to divulge further details or provide a breakdown of her expenses, several ministers cut her short.

She was trying to explain but she did not finish because people asked her to stop. They said she was just wasting their time. She was not talking about the main thing the cost and why she spent ! so much, said the source.

But the source noted that it was unclear if the prime minister considered Ngs explanation satisfactory or planned to pursue the matter further.

The PM was silent on that part. What is clear is that the ministers only want to say that Cabinet has taken note of her explanation and that she should not go and say that Cabinet has accepted it, said the source.

The debacle over the Tourism Ministrys Facebook expenses first began on Tuesday when Ngs deputy, James Dawos Mamit, revealed in Parliament that RM1,758,432 was spent on developing six Facebook pages for Malaysias tourism.

He had said each of the six pages Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia, Citrawarna 1Malaysia, Karnival Jualan Mega 1 Malaysia, Festival Pelancongan Seni Kontemporari 1 Malaysia, Kempen 1 Malaysia Bersih and Fabulous Food 1 Malaysia costs RM293,072

The announcement drew condemnation from the online community and a spontaneous campaign was kicked off on Tuesday evening, inviting thousands to condemn Ngs exorbitant spending.

Her ministry first entered the spotlight late last year when it was revealed in Parliament that while Ng had slashed her tourism promotional budget, she had spent more for her official trips abroad.

Ng again came under fire after Tourism Malaysias former advertising agency alleged that the ministry had asked for bribes in exchange for a promotion contract.

Following the latest complaint against Ng, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday that the Cabinet would seek an explanation from her over the matter and that an investigation would be mooted if she failed to do so satisfactorily.

Pemilihan Pimpinan Melakar Kejayaan PAS

Wawancara bersama Dr Dzul di Astro AWANI pada 2 Jun 2011.

Untuk melihat video seterusnya, sila klik part 2 dan part 3

Chat about this story w/ Talkita

Khairy rebuffs ex-boss, July 9 march to continue

Umno Youth chief says rally decision was made unanimously by the youth exco yesterday and is not his unilateral decision.

Despite warning by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein over the planned rally next month, Umno Youth is still persisting with their own march.

khairy jamaluddin and umno youth pemudaIn a strongly-worded but brief text message statement sent to Malaysiakini, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar threw caution to the winds, saying that it was a decision made unanimously by the movement.

“We will continue with our rally. This was a unanimous decision made by the youth exco yesterday. Not my unilateral decision,” he said in an immediate reaction.

Hishammuddin, who was also Khairy's predecessor in the party, had earlier today warned the latter that he have to face the consequences if Umno Youth were to persist with the march.

“It doesn't matter that I'm a former youth chief or not, the (Umno) Youth will have to face whatever the consequences of the action as I had to when I was the Youth head,” he was have reported to have said, adding that the rally is “against the law”.

'Hisham can warn us all he wants'

To that, Khairy poured cold water to the threats of police action against him, saying that they are ready for the aftermath.

“My Pemuda and I are ready to face whatever consequences. Hishammuddin can warn us all he wants.

“This is a new Malaysia. We have a right to assembly, guaranteed by the constitution. Umno Youth will be marching on July 9. And that's that,” he said.

azlanThe July 9 slot was initially slotted for a planned massive rally in Kuala Lumpur by the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) to urge for electoral reforms and to hand over a petition to Istana Negara.

Malay rights NGO Perkasa later announced that they would hold a counter-protest to prevent the Bersih 2.0 supporters from 'causing trouble', with its president Ibrahim Ali promising that Perkasa is ready to “fight to the end” when they clash.

But to the surprise of many, Umno Youth decided to up the ante by announcing that they will also be marching to the Istana Negara at the same time in a show of support for the current electoral system.

“We feel strongly that we need to march to show that the voice of the people is not monopolised by the opposition,” added Khairy today.

Hisham raises eyebrows, warns Khairy to scrap July 9 rally plans

Hisham raises eyebrows, warns Khairy to scrap July 9 rally plans

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein raised eyebrows when he said the plan by UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin to hold a rally on July 9 to counter the Bersih 2.0 gathering did not reflect UMNO's stand.

"How can that be? Is he saying UMNO Youth is a renegade wing, what is happening there?" Gopeng MP Lee Boon Chye told Malaysia Chronicle.

Indeed, the strength of Hisham's warning has raised doubts on whether Khairy's decision had the backing of the Youth committee or if it was "lone-ranger" effort. So far, Khairy has not commented on Hisham's warning.

At a press conference on Friday, Hisham reiterated that any rally held without a police permit was illegal, and if UMNO Youth took part, those who were caught would have to face the consequences.

“When it comes to that, it doesn’t matter whether I’m former Youth chief or not. They will have to face whatever consequences [for] their action… and it’s purely Pemuda’s stand,” Hisham told reporters.

“They will have to deal with the police. I expect the police to do the same with the three rallies. We are looking it at a legal standpoint. Nobody is above the law. That’s always been my position.”

Slap in the face

Khairy had announced late Thursday that the Youth would hold a rally on the same day to “strengthen the democratic system”. But although his group plans to use the same route as the Bersih march, he said it will not join the Bersih rally.

He also stressed that unlike Bersih, which is holding the peacful gathering to highlight the need for electoral reform, UMNO Youth supported the existing system.

The third group planning to march on July 9 is ultra Malay rights group Perkasa, which wants Bersih to cancel its rally.

While both UMNO Youth and its sister unit unit Perkasa have insisted their basis for choosing the same day as Bersih was due to their love for democracy, pundits suspect they were out to cause trouble and pressure election watchdog body to cancel.

"No, we have no plans at all to cancel. Everything is systems go," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

"We won't be deterred by all the sandiwara from UMNO. It's a waste of time. Bersih is not a Pakatan show although we support it strongly. The people are the ones who have a message to express, otherwise they won't attend. What they want is free, fair and clean elections. That's all, why come down so hard on them."

Prime Minister Najib Razak sees the Bersih's Walk for Democracy as a slap in the face for his leadership. The rally is supported by most of the NGOs in the country as well as the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition. - Malaysia Chronicle

Face the upshot if you rally, Hisham warns KJ

Ex-Umno Youth chief tells his successor that whoever wants to call for a rally will have to deal with the police.

Bersih welcomes Umno Youth rally

No police permits applied for July 9 rallies

Home Minister and former Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein warned his successor Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar that the latter will have to face the consequences if he insists on calling for a march on July 9.

NONEIt doesn't matter that I'm a former youth chief or not, the (Umno) Youth will have to face whatever the consequences of the action as I had to when I was the Youth head, he told the media in Putrajaya today, adding Because it is against the law.

He said that the police are looking at the march or rally as a security issue and whoever wants to call for it will have to deal with the police.

Like anybody else, I've had to deal with the police (when I was the youth chief). I expect them (Umno Youth) to do the same.

That's always my position, nobody is above the law, he stressed.

To the surprise of many, yesterday the Umno Youth exco decided to call for a rally on the same day as Bersih 2.0 and Perkasa.

Unlike Bersih 2.0's call to revamp the cur! rent ele ctoral system for a free and fair election, Umno Youth seeks to support it.

However, the decision is against the earlier stand of many Umno leaders who had condemned street demonstration after Bersih 2.0 announced the rally.

Members of Puteri Umno and an Umno Youth exco member had lodged police reports against Bersih 2.0, accusing that the rally will create chaos and disrupt the the business of traders.

Certain quarters urge use of ISA

Some quarters such as Malaysian Taxi Executives, a body representing taxi operators, and the Malaysian Council of Ex-Elected Representatives (Mubarak) even went to the extent of urging the authorities to use the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) against Bersih 2.0.

Today, MCA Youth also refused to join its Umno counterpart's rally, maintaining that such activities would be detrimental to the national economy.

NONEOn the other hand, Bersih 2.0 welcomed Umno Youth to hold a counter-rally as it is the rights of every citizen to assemble peacefully.

However, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar (left) had said the police would not approve any permit for the rally or any counter-rally on Jul 9.

He did not rule out the possibility of launching preventive arrests before or during the rallies.

Despite the police warning, Bersih 2.0 have reiterated that they will proceed with the rally.

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