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Gullible and stupid Malaysians

So what does that makes us, we Malaysians, the voters? That makes us gullible and stupid. Do you really want to be amongst the ranks of the stupid? I suppose 90% of Malaysians do not mind. And that is why politicians can continue to fool us and use us to get into power -- because we are stupid and do not mind being used.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
'Anwar has manual on winning polls'
(The Star) - Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has got his hands on a manual book written by a branch from the National Endownment For Democracy (NED) for the purpose of winning the general election, Selangor Umno liaision committee secretary Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed claimed.
Claiming the book had been translated into four languages, he alleged it contained information on ways to topple the Federal Government by using various dirty techniques.
"The manual has guidelines on spreading lies such as Malaysia has no freedom of press. PKR leaders regard this as a 'holy book'."
"My question is, why is Anwar getting foreign parties involved in our politics? This clearly shows that he would do anything to garner political mileage," Mohd Zin said yesterday.
NED is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the growth of democratic institutions worldwide.
Mohd Zin added that his allegations were supported with strong evidence that could not be denied by anyone, including Anwar.
The entire world is facing an economic crisis. Many European countries are fighting off bankruptcy. We have still not discovered why the Mayan calendar 'ends' in December this year and whether this is a 'sign' of the end or the beginning of a new era (and hence what this era is going to look like). Malaysians are still debating (which has been an ongoing debate for two decades) as to whether Malaysia should have a minimum wage or not, and if so should it be RM1,000 per month (which helps if you live in Gua Musang or Hulu Terengganu).
Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Malaysian Parliamentarians from both sides of the political divide are rioting regarding a 'most important national issue' -- whether Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Anwar Ibrahim, or both, are friends and supporters of the Jews.
There are only 6 million Jews in Israel, a nation of 8 million. Israel is confronted by more than a billion Muslims, expected to double to 2.2 billion, said Time (READ HERE). By 2030, the global Muslim population is expected to exceed 8 billion -- and 26.4% will be Muslims.
Why are a mere 16 million Malaysian Muslims rioting over 6 million Jews in Israel when more than one billion Muslims are not in the least concerned about the matter?
Do you really think that the Muslim neighbours of Israel want to go to war with Israel? Do you really think that the Muslims are concerned whether Israel exists or not? No doubt the Muslim leaders need to play to the gallery and indulge in a bit of anti-Israel rhetoric. This is meant for show only -- main wayang, as the Malays would say. But that is all it is, a great show. And Malaysian Muslims are also jumping onto the bandwagon to demonstrate that they are 'good' Muslims.
What has all this got to do with Islam? Is it really about Islam? What is going on in Israel is merely a turf war. It is a fight over land or territory. It has nothing to do with religion.
Singapore belongs to Johor. Singapore was carved out of territory once owned by the Sultan of Johor. The same British who created Israel also created Singapore. In fact, Singapore can be regarded as Malaysia's Israel. Why aren't these 16 million Malay Muslims foaming at the mouth regarding the 'injustice' done to Malaysia just like they are foaming at the mouth about the injustice in Israel? The Singapore situation is a duplicate of the Israel situation.
Even the Chinese and Indians are joining the party and going to town on the 'who is more a friend to the Jew; Dr Mahathir or Anwar'? Why are these Chinese and Indians so kaypoh? If you want to find a cause then go talk about Tibet, Taiwan or Sri Lanka. Maybe you can take up the issue of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Are these territories not originally part of India? How can they carve up Indian territories and create independent nation-states from what was originally India? This is not fair. This is just like another Israel.
Are we making an issue regarding Israel because of Islam or because of a turf war? What is the real issue here? Or is it just a convenient political issue that can be raised whenever politicians are bankrupt of issues?
The Malays in the kampongs do not even understand the issue. They do not know the history of the creation of Israel. If we are angry about Israel then we should whack the people who created Israel. Maybe Israel is perceived as a monster. But Israel did not create itself. Someone created Israel. So we should go for those who created Israel.
The Israeli Declaration of Independence was made on 14th May 1948. The new Jewish state named the State of Israel had been formally established in parts of what was known as the British Mandate of Palestine and on land where the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah once stood. At the end of World War I, Britain was given a mandate over the area known as Palestine, which it had conquered from the Ottomans. In 1936, the Peel Commission suggested partitioning Mandate Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state.
So, Britain is the chow lang here. They are the real enemy. If Malaysia is really so angry about the creation of Israel then this anger should be targeted at Britain.
Boycott Britain. Stop buying from Britain. Stop selling to Britain. Ask Britain to close down all their companies and businesses in Malaysia and kick them out. Stop sending Malaysian students to Britain. Go for the real devils in the creation of Israel, Britain.
Are we really serious about Israel? Do we really want Israel to be wiped out? Why can't more than a billion Muslims handle a mere 6 million Jews in Israel? Why can't more than a billion Muslims wipe out a mere 6 million Jews? Ah, that is because of the US. The US is propping up Israel. Without the US, Israel in finished.
So, other than the British who created Israel, the US is another chow lang. Boycott the US. Stop buying from the US. Stop selling to the US. Ask the Americans to close down all their companies and businesses in Malaysia and kick them out. Stop sending Malaysian students to the US. Go for the real devils that are propping up Israel, the US.
Are you still using Apple products? Are you still using Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc? The Internet is an American creation. Stop using the Internet. All these are creations of the evil Westerners that created, support and ensure that Israel continues to exist. Without these people there would be no Israel and Israel can be wiped out in a day with more than one billion Muslims versus a mere six million Israeli Jews.
Mohd Zin Mohamed is foaming at the mouth and is accusing Anwar of trying to topple the government. He is alleging that foreign parties are getting involved in 'our politics'.
So what? What is wrong with that? Is it not the duty of the opposition to try to topple the ruling government and take power? That is what they are supposed to do. It is their job. Why scream about the opposition trying to oust the ruling party? They do this all over the world. That is called DEMOCRACY. Has Mohd Zin never heard of this word before?
Is Mohd Zin trying to say that Malaysia never interferes in foreign politics? We are interfering in Israel. Who are we to scream about Israel? Israel was created before Malaysia even existed. Israel should be screaming about Malaysia, not the other way around.
We supported the rebellion that tried to topple the Brunei Sultanate when they refused to join Malaysia in 1963. Fortunately, the 1962 rebellion failed (again, because the British 'interfered' -- damn the British, if not Brunei's rich oilfields would now belong to Malaysia). In fact, the creation of Malaysia triggered the Konfrontasi with Indonesia because North Borneo (which included Sabah and Sarawak) was part of Kalimantan, which Indonesia claims as their territory.
Malaysia also got involved in Mindanao and Southern Thailand. We armed and trained the separatists from those two countries. We also gave the guerrillas asylum and allowed them to operate from Malaysian soil. We wanted to help them break away from the Philippines and Thailand respectively.
Malaysia is not innocent. We are also guilty of interfering in the politics of other countries. So why is Mohd Zin screaming as if Malaysia is so innocent?
Politicians are a bunch of hypocrites. Can all those ex-Barisan Nasional people (Malays, Chinese, Indians, as well as natives from East Malaysia) now in Pakatan Rakyat honestly declare that they did not know how dirty Malaysia has been? They should know. They were once in the ruling party.
Even PAS joined the ruling coalition for a brief three years when Barisan Nasional was formed in 1973. Did not the PAS President, Asri Muda, who was then the Menteri Besar of Kelantan, issue a statement asking the Malaysian government to support the Southern Thailand militants? And was not the Malaysian-Thailand border in Golok closed for a while? Did the Thais not demonstrate on the Golok River Bridge and burn Asri's effigy?
Yes, Asri triggered a diplomatic crisis when he 'interfered' in the internal politics of Thailand. He later resigned from PAS to join Umno, as did many other ex-PAS Presidents and top leaders over the last 40 years. As I said, politicians are a bunch of hypocrites.
We are going to hear a lot of rhetoric from Malaysian politicians from both sides of the political divide as the next general election gets closer and closer. Rest assured they are all merely playing to the gallery. They are just making 'feel good' statements. They are just saying what they think you would like to hear so that they can get your vote. They will say all sorts of things, which they do not really mean, as long as it serves their interest. And their interest is not to serve you. Their interest is to get into power. And because Malaysians have short memories and do not know their history, these fakes and shamans can get away with it.
So what does that makes us, we Malaysians, the voters? That makes us gullible and stupid. Do you really want to be amongst the ranks of the stupid? I suppose 90% of Malaysians do not mind. And that is why politicians can continue to fool us and use us to get into power -- because we are stupid and do not mind being used.
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