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Johor Royalty linked to assault on rapper

(Malaysian Digest) - A Johor royalty by the name of Tengku Mishal Ibrahim has been implicated in connection to last week's assault on a hip hop entertainer outside a night club.
The incident which happened last Thursday was tweeted by many sympathizers of victim Mikhael Adam Mohd Rafae (aka SonaOne), 24, with some claiming it was not the first time Tengku Mishal had been involved in violent acts.
Among those who took up to Twitter to implicate Tengku Mishal to the incident were siblings and Fly FM radio deejays Hafiz Hatim and Hani Farhana Hatim or better known as Hunny Madu.
"If u are wondering who that is on my profile pic. It's Mika @ItsSonaOne. Beaten up at roots at 4am by Tunku Mishal Sharin Tunku Ibrahim," Hafiz tweeted on Saturday. 
"Anyone has Tunku Mishal Sharin bin Tunku Ibrahim's phone number/address? He has crossed the line way too many times. Stop him bfo he kills.
"Get ur newspapers now. Get Tunku Mishal Shahrin away from our society. He who thinks he's king of the world shud live in a cage," he added.
Meanwhile, his sister Hani tweeted: "A year ago, same dude assisted to bash Abe (Hafiz) up. Both happened at The Rootz (the nightclub). Thank you T.Mishal." 
"This is not the first time. @cowbear (Hafiz) was also the victim last year by his kuncu-kuncu (henchmen)," she added.
According to sources, Hafiz had also been a victim of Tengku Mishal's alleged violent conduct last year. 
Hafiz on Saturday had also enquired through Tengku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibrahim on Tengku Mishal.
"kenalan Tuanku iaitu Tunku Mishal telah melakukan perkara yg melampaui batas. No one is above the law except GOD. Thnx." Hafiz tweeted Tunku Ismail.
To which Tunku Ismail replied: "I know him. He is banned from Johor long time ago. I don't like the guy."
"terima Kasih Tuanku. Last I heard he fled the country already. Ur time is very much appreciated. Wish us well," said Hafiz in his reply to the Johor prince. 
Hafiz also expressed concern over the likelihood that Tengku Mishal will get away with his latest alleged assault. 
"his (Mikhael Adam) spirits are still up n hopefully everyone will help out when needed to coz wat the man in blue told us wasn't assuring.
"We are waiting the authorities to do SOMETHING.. But wait we shall while Mishal parties. Yday he was spotted at Lust, actions taken: Nada," said Hafiz
He also said that "we gonna go loud" on the matter.
Hafiz could not be reached for comment when called on his cellphone by Malaysian Digest earlier.
Mikhael Adam sustained injuries on the head and face after he was assaulted in front of Lot 10 shopping complex in Jalan Bukit Bintang on early Friday morning. 
In the 4am incident, Mikael Adam had got into a car with two women friends after work when he was approached by the suspect who pulled him out of the vehicle.
"I was punched repeatedly until I fell. I could only cover my head and face with my arms and hands to avoid from being more severely injured. Then, I lost consciousness after I was stomped on the head," he told reporters while being treated at a private hospital here.
Mikael Adam said he was taken to the hospital by a friend who was informed of the incident by his two women friends when he was unconscious.
He said his friend had lodged a police report on the incident at the Tun Razak Police Station not long after the assault.
Mikael Adam is a graffiti artist, music producer, songwriter, rapper and live performer who is under the Kartel Records label, headed by local hip-hop artiste Joe Flizzow.
Meanwhile, Dang Wangi police chief ACP Mohamed Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman confirmed receiving a report on the incident, saying an investigation was being carried out.
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