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Baljit: Perkasa Antics Will Cost BN; But No One Forces Gerakan to Stay in BN...

A local Gerakan politician has warned Barisan Nasional that Perkasa's political frolics would cost the coalition massive vote loss, especially among non-Malays, in the next general election.
Given the general perception that Perkasa is a 'subsidiary' of Umno, Baljit Singh warned that other BN component parties would suffer politically as they are seen as "guilty by association" with Umno.
"Component parties like Gerakan, MIC and MCA are going to be the innocent victims.
"These parties will pay a heavy price for Perkasa antics. The voters will punish component parties for being associated with Umno. Malaysians are sick and tired of this gutter politics," he said.
The point is why would Baljit and his party choose to become victims? Being in the same coalition with Umno means Gerakan is part of the dangerous liaison with Perkasa too. 
It is almost impossible for Gerakan to try to promote and market Umno and its brand of politics to non-Malay voters. In fact, Umno has been steadily losing urban Malay voters too in the last 15 years. 
Malay politics is fractured and disunited. Umno leaders are upset with a lack of Malay unity. But they are the biggest culprits who had caused a division in the Malay community. Such actions, e.g. the use of thugs and Perkasa members to create fear and disruption is not going to scare the middle ground. 
Baljit is right about Umno and its partners losing more support because of the use of violence and bigotry. 
But the question is why would Gerakan continue to stay put in BN when it is obvious that the liaison is not helping the party's survival? Are any Gerakan leaders benefit personally for staying put in the coalition? Are there any personal interests?
If Umno and Gerakan cannot give Baljit a clear answer, why would Baljit want to continue being a Gerakan member and hoping to contest on a BN ticket in the next GE?

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